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Thalia Graves

Thalia Graves is proud to make her writing debut with Shieldsworn, co-authored with good friend and romance novelist Camille Dwight. Born in the seaside town of Torquay, England, Thalia now resides in the Devonshire countryside with her dog.

Content Warnings & Tags

third person 4-way POV; explicit scenes; strong language; violence; murder; themes of grief, death, loss of a child, anxiety, depression, loss of fertility, physical disability; HEA


lovers to enemies to uneasy allies to lovers; second chance; historical romance; Viking romance; Scottish islands romance; epic romantasy; fated lovers; starcrossed lovers


SHIELDSWORN is a spicy, entirely historically inaccurate, vibes-only adult fantasy romance featuring two love stories, strong family ties, magic and a threat not one of these badass Vikings ever saw coming.

A raid turned tragic

When shieldmaiden sisters Elin and Aino shipwreck off the coast of the Shetland Islands, their fate seems sealed. Losing the entire crew and their longboat in a fierce storm strands them on the largest isle – and in the arms of Elin’s former lover turned rival.

A second chance

Halvar Bear-Bane knows he is their only hope of returning to their undefended home, but his price for safe passage may prove too steep for Elin’s pride as the powerful chief seeks her alliance for his grandiose plans.

A fork in the road

Niall, the enigmatic laird of Shetland and Halvar’s newest ally, is fascinated by Aino – and the young shieldmaiden finds herself just as intrigued by the soft-spoken man, despite knowing she will have to leave him soon.

And a betrayal.

But the sisters soon find their threads of fate tangled; a curse has struck their home, forcing a desperate Aino to find the source before it claims Elin’s life next.